BIGTUNA Taunt Submissions

I figured I would start a thread to see if anyone would be interested in at least seeing more of my process, maybe enjoy looking at some animation, or just had input for any of my work.
Here is my first solo submission to share. It is a Taunt animation for AXE and is about 6 seconds long. Currently it looks like the longest taunt that Valve put out is about 5 seconds. Hopefully its not too long, but if it gets accepted and needs editing, i can always shave a little off. Also since I didn't mod the files, i just used an image plane to recreate the "in-game" look.

Hope you like it!


Youtube Link:
[ame=" Taunt[/ame]

Vimeo Link:
Dota 2: Axe Taunt


After being in the workshop for a couple days, there has been mixed comments about the dance part vs the spin part. Thoughts?!


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