Tutorials, Guides and Resources for Dota2 Workshop

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hey guys!
the idea is to list any helpful info regarding to create dota 2 items. Feel free to suggest:
  • Videos
  • streams
  • blogs
  • pdfs
any suggestion please post and i can update here.

we could follow this scheme

- a brief description
- the link
- who created

*this is a work in progress

--- Concept Sheets
> > Dota 2 Hero Concept Sheets < < - compiled by Spudnik

--- Tutorials

Mirroring and reusing texture space
[ame=" and reusing texture space - YouTube[/ame]
by Alec Mody

Model guide viewer
by Cyborgmatt

Vertex based particles - import on Dota
by Vlad

Detailing shapes using alphas on ZBrush
by Konras

Promo image using marmoset
by Belkun

Mudbox Color map - projecting the concept over the highpoly model
[ame=" Color Map - Lennyagony - YouTube[/ame]
by Lennyagony

Skinning and Exporting, 3dsMax to Dota 2
[ame=" and Exporting, 3dsMax to Dota 2. - YouTube[/ame]
by Lennyagony

[ame=" UVS and keep the texture (Blender)[/ame]
by Blender2dot



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