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JGreentheRookie polycounter lvl 5

This is bugging me.

The blue part is the main part of the bridge that i unwraped. The yellow part are copys of that bridge that i placed around.
How can I get a proper AO without getting these black spots over the copyed parts.


  • Anthy9986
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    Anthy9986 polycounter lvl 6
    The AO looks 'correct' to avoid the errors you are referring to either you can paint out those areas or avoid duplicating pieces with different orientation... Hope that makes sense.

    *I say correct only to mean when you baked it It did exactly what it was suppose to.
  • JGreentheRookie
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    JGreentheRookie polycounter lvl 5
    But if i need too duplicate the pieces with different orientation to get the look that i want? How can I avoid the black spots in this case? Is there any workaround? Besides painting the areas out?
  • DireWolf
    Are they using the same texture? If so it only make sense that the dark appears at the same spot on every piece. A couple ways around I can think of...

    - manually move the copied piece around so the AO go to where they should be at. Then adjust vertices to get variation.
    - give each piece their own texture.
    - or do render time AO.
  • Drew++
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    Drew++ polycounter lvl 8
    What engine is this for? AO of this detail and scale could easily be handled by most modern engines.

    Solution would be to change some of the mesh if possible. For example: offset and scale your mesh so the ao lines up. Or modify/offset your UV so it works. :)
  • JGreentheRookie
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    JGreentheRookie polycounter lvl 5
    Its for Unreal. I know that Unreal supports AO but I need this extra AO for other purposes.

    BY THE WAY I just used 2 textures now for this Asset.

    AO came out really nice.

    Thank for the suggestions. :)
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