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In my game idea, the main character is in a vast area of land and needed something to get around with before he could fast travel to areas after visiting.

Along comes this thing: the DEFROL (as I call it for now). It can materialize and form around the character and locks him in for a ride, like a hamster in a ball but better. :) It has boosters and exhaust vents to keep it from overheating and twin machine gun turrets to bring down enemies! When the character is done with it, it breaks apart and disintegrates into thin air until it is time to call upon it again.

This is where the DEFROL is sitting at right now. Its still feels like it could use more stuff on it but that isn't always necessary and the textures could bring more to it. I still need some areas to be tightened up and fixed. Well any who, and comments or critiques are welcomed.


Here is the initial sketches that started it all.



Most of the references I've been looking at have been Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycles and just Kawasaki bikes in general. For example like this:



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