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Hey guys, Gonna start posting assets from my game that I've been working the last 2 months on, and spending the whole last year learning how to do.

Last year was the craziest year I've ever been through, i quit my job at halfbrick due to getting depressed with my situation there (Wonderful group of people btw, i just didn't fit in there due to my own personal problems). I sat around lazily on unpaid PTO for a month an a half, then had to try and catch up with freelance. And only then did i realize how far behind i was with debt, and so I've been struggling like crazy up until now.

I also ended up living out of the back of my van for 5 weeks while working in a kitchen, and also working out of a friends lounge room to try and get freelance done during it.

But on top of all this I've managed to teach myself enough about coding to make a game, and hopefully get back on-top of things.
I would have tried kickstarter, but it seems silly to do it for an iphone game with a developer that has only ever made game art before(even if they ended up being really well known projects), never touching code or game design in any professional sense.

But anyways! onto the art/game. It's a simple game, its a breakout inspired game, but its very different.
Blocks are all physics objects and get knocked around with the balls, and they are attracted to the top of the screen, with new blocks filling up the screen. When it gets too full it hits the yellow line and it all explodes. It's an endless game much like all the games i worked on at halfbrick.

I've got to do more block faces, more effects, redo the background and finish up all the character animations.

Make what you know i guess :).


Man i abused the fuck out of blue didn't i.


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