UDK - Tiling platforms, lightning errors

Hey guys!
I have come upon a problem when im reapeting some platforms in udk, which i don't know how to solve.
I have 5 different platforms that i want to switch between but i encounter some shading errors at the end of the platforms when i put them together.
Think the problem is lightmap related but im not that experienced with UDK so i could need some help with pointing out what im doing wrong.

Some images to help explain my problem.


  • James Ordner
    The lightmap is not the problem. You will get the same problem in Maya if you try to tile the mesh. The problem is that the vertices from one mesh are cot connecting with the vertices from another mesh next to it, thus not smoothing the two meshes together. You don't have this problem with flat meshes like walls, because the flat shading from one wall is exactly the same as the wall next to it.

    The best way to fix this is to bake a normal map from a high poly mesh that will better match up the shading from one mesh to another. It won't be perfect if you look close, but it should be good enough if you bake it right.
  • HAWK12HT
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    HAWK12HT polycounter lvl 6
    Hi, check this out from the middle (scroll down to middle)


    Ok, so after looking at your modular land piece I would suggest why not make it natural looking I mean land has cracks and all (wear and tear ) so the two part that you want to bring together can have end bits modelled lkike a jigsaw puzzle rather than evenly sliced as if cake being cut with knife. The reason im saying that is to avoid that seam issue with modular pieces you either put a trim on top of two joining pieces (in your case lets say a patch of grass or dirt or rock as a decal map, or modelled) Or the jigsaw method where you can chamfer the edges to give the feeling of natural looking cracks between two lands.
    example pic

    Hope it helps :)
  • linkov
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    its a vertex normal problem on the border vertices. unifying normals on the borders of your platforms should solve that problem.

  • Twoflower
    fixed the vertex normals and it works perfectly now in UDK!

    Thanks alot guys : )
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