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Hello Folks of Polycount,

I am a recent graduate from the Art Institute-Orange County, and in need of some help. I am hoping for a good critique and feedback about my work. My main question being what areas do I need to improve on to obtain a concept artist position within the game industry?

You can view my work here.



  • altermind
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    altermind polycounter lvl 5
    Please post some examples in the post :)
    It's not nice to make people click a pile of times just to see a random piece of work that might not be any good.
    That being said you have some decent work there. But you might really want to work on your proportions in general, especially in the shoulders / Armor. it all feels... weak... but some of the ideas are quite fun.

    Put some of your best work in the thread for us to look at
    (ps your site is to fancy / animated for it's own good. And the random sizes of the thumbnails is a little odd and does not highlight your best works well)
  • 3eland
    I agree with altermind, your website gets confusing very easily and the small pictures are really annoying. I like seeing large pictures right away otherwise I tend to get bored clicking around :(.

    That being sad your artistic skills in creating characters concepts are impressive, seems you have a very distinct way of creating your art. I would love to see work in a more organized fashion though so I would agree with altermind (again) in posting images in the thread :D
  • SleepingGiant
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    SleepingGiant polycounter lvl 5
    Thanks for the feedback altermind. I have also heard that from other individuals about my site as well yesterday. I will be sure to post some pieces up here asap.
  • SleepingGiant
  • Lyaksandr
    The work is difficult to critique at all given your presentation.

    - The site needs more organization. Work is scattered all over the page. It's overwhelming and difficult to navigate.

    - When you click on a piece, it actually goes to a smaller version before you can get to a bigger one. This doesn't work at all.

    - Put only your very best work in your portfolio. This site reads more like a sketch dump/blog than a portfolio for critique.

    You don't need to do anything fancy. 5-10 high res images on a page with some tasteful titles/descriptions would serve you better.

    That being said, I feel like your pencil work is pretty good, but your full-color paintings lack definition. They tend to be on the muddy side. I would spend more time practicing faces and general proportions as well.
  • Possum
    Wierd, its like all the stuff I told you last night.
  • SleepingGiant
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    SleepingGiant polycounter lvl 5
    This is great feedback. Thank you all for taking time to look at my work. I'll be working hard trying to get better.
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