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***edit*** This storyline about natural fibers and no animal leathers will not work with my current design so I'll come up with a different idea - I'm still staying away from actual recognizable animal parts - just need the hides for beastmaster to look like a real bushman.

So the idea is that Beastmaster was sitting by the campfire one night with some of his animal friends.

All was going well until one of the animals pointed out that most of Beastmasters equipment was made from dead animals.

At first Beastmaster shrugged it off and was dismissive saying that he had collected all of his leathers and furs from the bodies of slain enemies. This answer was true and Beastmaster had never felt a moral conflict over the issue in the past, but now that the question had been raised it made him think. These animals around the fire were all friends and knew him well, but what would a new animal acquaintance think? First impressions are really important and Beastmaster did not want to come across as some regular schmo in the habit of frequently killing animals for food and skins.

This change in attitude led Beastmaster to search out new materials for clothing and armour and develop methods to weave fabrics from natural plant fibres. He also created tools from nature for woodworking and gardening. Thus, a whole new set of Beastmaster items have become available.

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Starting with some concept sketching.



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