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Darkmaster polycounter lvl 7
Hey everyone!! So I've decided to tackle my first weapon project. I have honestly been somewhat afraid of modeling a gun... But here it is! It is based on a concept from a game called Intersteller Marines. Loved the concept, so here is my progress. This is the high poly render, as well as an isoline shot.

I will be adding a lot of other detail in my normal map later with nDo, so I have left out a few parts that just would have taken too long to model out. However, I might try some floaters if I'm not happy with the result. Anyways, all thoughts and commments are welcome!!





  • FractaL
    This is a really beautiful model. Your proportions are perfect in comparison to reference!

    I hope you dont mind me asking, but are there any specific tutorials that you wouldn't mind sharing? I've given sub division modeling a try and it's pretty fun, but I'm not very good at it. I used that ithica shotgun tutorial by one of the users on here, which is fantastic, but I feel like more tutorials would be beneficial.
  • Lucas Annunziata
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    Lucas Annunziata polycounter lvl 7
    So There were a few things I saw that I'd like to point out:

    1. The front shape there isn't looking like the perspective hot. you've got that horizontal shape where it should be a nice bevel. The height seems a bit off as well.

    2. Missing the circular shape. Also the the top rail should be skinnier than the bit where it attaches.

    3. You have a rectangular shape here, where in the reference its more square

    4. The size and spacing of these is off, and the circular bits are missing.

    5. This area is completely off. It should be pretty much the same attachment shape as the area if front of it.

    6. I'm not reading an intended shape there from the concept at all. It may have a very slight extruded border, but the full shape still needs more width.

    7. This seems to be a more raped shape like up by the trigger.

    8. Should be going forward, not backward.

    9. Cylindrical shape is missing entirely

    10. indent is also missing.

    I would say model those missing shapes out as floaters. Yeah, the final game ready model is whats important, but a really accurate, detailed, and sexy HP model is good for portfolio stuffs. Overall you're off to a great start. I would relaxed you're control loops on a lot of those edges though. At the moment its looking very crisp and hard edged.


    *edit* Dunno what happened there here's the fixed attachment
  • Darkmaster
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    Darkmaster polycounter lvl 7
    @dareenbo: your image didn't attach for some reason. i'd really like to see your notes with the image!!
  • perna
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    perna ngon master
    That looks cool.
    However, your mesh is significantly different from the concept. In fact, I haven't been able to find a single piece that's modeled the way the concept shows. Maybe you intentionally took that liberty, but I would say it's important to model as the concept shows, as that is what would be expected of you inhouse.
  • Darkmaster
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    Darkmaster polycounter lvl 7
    Hey Fractal, sorry for the late response. Here are some of the best videos that I have seen for sub d. Hope these help!!
    (A little bit of shameless self promotion for the company I'm workin for :D )

    Hope these help!!
  • SouthpawSid
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    SouthpawSid polycounter lvl 7
    Model is dope dude. Now the real test will be your bakes and textures!

    Who cares about the nit picky details that maybe be missing or different from the concept, that doesn't matter. Only matters if you're told to by your boss, which since this is personal work, you are not. Long as you source the concept art on you page, and say you made a rifle based said concept, you're fine. Now make this thing some nice clothes.

    Also, for sure relax some of those supporting loops, and as far as tri count, shoot for between 6 and 8k tris for them "next gen" standards ;)
  • Darkmaster
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    Darkmaster polycounter lvl 7
    Hey guys!! Thanks for all of the feedback so far. I did go back and fix a lot of proportions and missing elements, but am still adding as I go here. I realized while I was making corrections that there were a couple pieces that were in the concept that just didn't work in 3D the way I thought they would... So unfortunately I have deviated a little bit from the concept, but I think the direction is alright for the most part. I have gone ahead and baked down my low poly, and have done a first pass on texturing. I've kinda decided the concept is a little too clean, so I am going in there and really scuffing up some of the edges to try to make this a little more believable. I hope the new fixes solidify the design better!! Thanks again everyone!!

    @brad: you are the man. that is all.

  • PolyTech
    Be more bold in ur spec map I think u can push this material further. The scrapes are looking good so far but I'd like to see some variety in the frequencys of the scrapes. Also scratch up the top portion where the scope slides a bit more than everywhere else. Really think of each scuff and scratch. Say if u where to drop it on its barrel what would that scratch look like.
  • Darkmaster
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    Darkmaster polycounter lvl 7
    Another update!! Just tryin out some new stuff in the spec map. Really tryin to break up the different metals. Thanks for all of the feedback guys!!

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