Work Opportunities

  • Freelance Job Postings

    This forum is for companies or individuals looking to hire video game artists for compensated freelance work.
  • Full time/Part time work (In-house, paid job opportunities)

    This forum provides a place for PAID job postings. This means fully established companies looking to hire staff for a full/part time employment with benefits.
  • Artist Looking For Work

    This forum is for video game artists looking for compensated work, whether full-time, part-time, or freelance.
  • Royalties or Post-Launch Compensation Work

    This forum is for individuals or independent teams looking to contract artists where compensation is based on royalties of their product or post-launch compensation.
  • Unpaid Work (General requests, mod teams, niche projects, etc.)

    If you're looking for something for free (models, textures, mod help), post your request here. This forum is for mod teams looking for artists and unpaid requests.