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DeepPaint3d----tuts, or general advice? Good/bad?

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mikezoo polycounter lvl 11
So i just nabbed a version of deep paint3d. A friend recommended it for projecting photo-reference's onto your mesh for good texturing references. He says it's projection tool is way better than trying to project textures on your mesh, with zbrush.

Iam curious to know if anybody here has used DeepPaint and what their two cents on it is. oh, and if you know of any tutorials for it, that would be killer too!



  • Neox
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    Neox ngon master
    i bought it, i use it all the time, but basicly because i'
  • renderhjs
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    renderhjs sublime tool
    I once contacted the customer support of them for more information like PDF`s comparisons ect. but there was not much to offer.
    I know deep paint 3d back from the max 4 days (Outcast from appeal was done with it) so very old- and it seems they never really upgraded much ( a sad thing imo). Someone here at polycount mentioned once that he (pior?) designed a new interface/Gui for them but they never used it.

    alternative products with the same functionality (e.g not like zBrush just filling quads but real texture projection on texture UV basis):
    - modo
    - blender (horrible brush tools though)
    - mudbox 2
    - Photoshop CS4 (unacceptable performance)
    - 3dsmax 2010 or poyboost (canvas projection or something like that)
    - BodyPaint
    - cebas GhostPaint plugin for max & Photoshop (might be outdated by now)
    - Enzo, 3d Paint for photoshop

    as you can see there is already quite a list of alternatives by now,- in the past bodyPaint was fairly unique and well placed in the industry but they did not pushed it hard lately hence its gone under somewhat.

    some other personal sidenotes:
    - BodyPaint always shows examples which are deceiving (a rendering supposed to be a viewport capturing), wrong examples from different products of theirs (e.g marketing with monster house, whereas only smal parts were done using BP).
    The UV examples in their screenshots are very amateur level same goes for the painting - how should that convince me that it is a professional tool. The gallery is filled with examples that are tuned with PS not with BP (in the texture level).

    - modo seems to have a very good and stable performance (unlike BP and DP3d which I tested as well). Their seamless integration with the rest is also very nice - Id say give this package a try at first

    - blender is very experimental and not yet very usefull but you can seamless paint either 2d or 3d which is nice

    - polyBoost and max2010 are not so advanced in this area but there is a clone brush tool and a simple brush tool that work- but its not a soloution for a advanced painting on 3d

    - PS cs4 is a desaster performance wise, even more when it comes to 3d painting. The navigation and interface for 3d is horrible as well. The advantage though is that you can use all the nice features you know from photoshop on 3d projection.

    - Enzo is smal (on guy development) and very expensive though very beta non final alike. There are partly some errors in the projection - but the developer seems to know better as others what game artists and alike want. So the implementation and feature list/future is nicer as other packages.
  • mikezoo
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    mikezoo polycounter lvl 11
    Heyy, thanks for your thoughts guys.

    I've been playing more with DP and I might just go back to zbrush.

    And yeah, I have to back you up when it comes to cs4. It was a great step in the right direction, but totally failed. unless you have a killer setup, the loading times are so not worth it, and it takes forever.
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