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A Really Hard Flash Game

polycounter lvl 13
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Scott Ruggels polycounter lvl 13
Really hard Flash Game. But nicely Animated.




  • CheapAlert
    hehe, N, i think someone posted this ont he old boards laugh.gif
    looks like they optimized it though, seems to run better on my 950 now
  • aesir
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    aesir polycounter lvl 13
    That rocks, but freakin hard.
  • Keg
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    Keg polycounter lvl 12

    The official page, plus download for version 1.4 which has quite a bit of that tiny flash. only issue is it whores cpu like mad
  • KDR_11k
    Speaking of hard, Cho Ren Sha is available in a new version now. Includes the new "hard" mode. And damn, it IS hard.
  • EarthQuake
    God damn that cho ren sha game is fucking hard, getting to the second stage seems like a major accomplishment lol.
  • Isis' Minion
    I don't think Cho Ren Sha is that hard really, since the patterns have large holes, but it is hard to see what's going on with that moving background.

    Try out Mushihime-sama on Ultra mode...you'll go shocked.gif

    Mars Matrix, Dodonpachi, Espgaluda...more hard games...

    I love (2d) topview shooters.

    Anyways, for another cool flash game, check out "Dad n me" by the guys who made Alien Hominid. It lots of fun to play, you can do all sorts of combo's and the boss is quite a challenge (haven't beat him yet)
  • Joshua Stubbles
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    Joshua Stubbles polycounter lvl 16
    I got to 500k on cho ren sha. FARKEN tough game.
    If the resolution was higher, it'd be a bit easier to see things frown.gif
  • KDR_11k
    I don't think Cho Ren Sha is that hard really, since the patterns have large holes, but it is hard to see what's going on with that moving background.

    No, it's mostly that the patterns are damn fast compared to other shmups. And the holes get smaller and smaller as you progress. Try watching the replay video in a fresh install of the game*, it'll finish the game completely with roughly 10 million points (a good highscore run can go up to 20M). Look at the patterns the later bosses fire. Of course the early levels aren't as hard as other shmups played on maximum difficulty, it's ramping up steadily.

    *= If you play the game the replay will be replaced with your best highscore run. That's useful when someone doubts your highscore so you can prove it.

    I just tried it in normal again, 1.3 million and some humiliating deaths in there... Gotten really rusty... I think I've gone up to 1.7 back when I regularly played it, which is of course nothing compared to my friends who were rivalling each other at 3-4 million...
  • Isis' Minion
    Found hard mode...it's quite nice imo smile.gif

    Anyways, these guys have some good replays of Cho Ren Sha (highest being 19 million) http://www.the-nextlevel.com/board/showthread.php?t=16358

    KDR, have you played any of the games which i mentioned?

    For example, Mushihime has patterns that try to fool you, so at the start it looks like it's going one way and when it's near you it flies in a way different matter. I guess you have to see it for yourself to understand what i mean though.

    Then there's also games which just have millions of bullets on screen at a time, like Perfect Cherry Blossom

    Shikigama no Shiro builds up difficulty as well and it also has some really nice patterns and great artwork, definetely worth checking out as well.

    I got to the third stage on my second run with Cho Ren Sha, getting killed by one of those fast bullets.
  • KDR_11k
    Perfect Cherry Blossom is VEEEERRY slow. Such a pattern in Cho Ren Sha would be unavoidable. But it's not all about difficulty and more about fun, Cho Ren Sha is definitely more fun than PCB.
    And hell, I prefer a freeware game over one I have to import for lotsa moolah, especially when it comes to shmups.

    If you're the kind of masochist who only wants high difficulty, try Radio Zonde.

    EDIT: Don't forget to set Radio Zonde to "Existence: Mortal" so you have limited lives, also there are four additional characters you can select by moving the cursor offscreen.
  • Isis' Minion
    Cool. Shikigami no Shiro is my favourite shmup though, closely followed by Gradius. Those are do-able smile.gif

    I'll check out Radio Zonde. PCB was just an example of the 'new school' shmups. I liked Cho Ren Sha's final boss, some very cool patterns. It would be cool to see a version of CRS with higher res art and maybe everything downscaled a bit, so there's more space to dodge bullets. Mushihime is quite fast with huge patterns and lots of bullets on screen, same goes for Mars Matrix. I like those games as well. As for the whole money thing, there's lots of shmups you can download roms of, test them for 24h hours and then delete them smile.gif

    Also, there's a shmup game in the arcades now that is PvP shmup smile.gif
  • KDR_11k
    Well, I'm sure you remember that the player ship only collides with bullets with its center pixel and I don't think the bullets should be any smaller as that'd make the game easier and demand more bullets. It was written for the ancient X68000 computer and apparently already uses a hack to handle that many bullets at all tongue.gif.

    How does PvP shmupping work? A friend and me had an indea on how to implement vs. shmupping* but I'm sure theirs was different.

    You probably know Kenta Cho's works already...

    *= Basically each player would be on one side and enemies would appear in the center. As you fire on an enemy you will start to "own" him, the more you own him the more of his fire pattern is directed towards your opponent. Hitting your opponent directly won't do anything or maybe push him a slight bit. Obviously the enemies would still have limited HP and be destroyed from too much fire from either side. Another idea was that you could "over-own" an enemy by increasing your ownership of him over 100%, which would cause him to explode and throw a powerup in your direction. Hitting an enemy owned by your opponent will first chip away the opponent's ownership before building up your own. The goal would be to have your opponent be killed by enemy fire. Maybe with a handicap that would make enemies preowned a bit or slow down your movement...
  • Isis' Minion
    There's some match videos of the game here:
    (scroll all the way down to the little i-frame, it's the videos which are 11.5 mb and 6.88 mb)
    I cant recall the name of this game, but looking at the filenames of the video (SRK) it might be traceable.

    Check out the Mushihime videos of Ultra mode here:
  • KDR_11k
    That game looks kinda stupid and the first player's homing attacks look a bit overpowered. Looks almost as stupid as Immaterial and Missing Power (Perfect Cherry Blossom turned into a 1-on-1 fighting game...).

    The a-cho league seems to include Melty Blood. Me likey.

    And about that Mushihime video, can you even get through those patterns without getting hit? Looks pretty much impossible and I prefer my games doable.
  • Isis' Minion
    I just tried out Radio Zonde. Wonderfull game! I love games with big patterns, since i tried to make a shmup game myself, as a school project. Most of what you're doing to build the actual gameplay is programming patterns of math calculations for the bullets to follow. My effort (5 man team (2 programmers, 2 modellers (who also animated the whole thing) and 1 concept artist)), 3 weeks, no knowledge of the programming language (Blitz Basic), all stuff built from scratch) can be found here.

    And some japanese manage to get through those patterns, however impossible it may seem laugh.gif There will probably be a superplay vid in the near future.

    I like A-cho mostly for Guilty Gear matches. New Guilty Gear coming out soon as well smile.gif

    Anyways, on the PvP game. I think they wanted to keep it fast paced, so that matches dont take longer than your usual 2d fighter matches, since it IS an arcade game after all, so the basic idea about it is that you put in a lot of money for credits smile.gif

    Also, check out Samidare (C67 game). Do-able, very nicely made and some cool bosses.
  • KDR_11k
    Your homebrew game has really annoying patterns, those accellerating circles require more luck than anything to get through and the boss's pattern is way too tight to stay anywhere in front of him.

    And where did you take that boss music from? I'm sure I heard it before somewhere, some RTS?
  • Isis' Minion
    Music is from Progear no Arashi and UT. Anyways, the boss' hyper pattern was just for fun, for a bit of shock value during the presentation. Z key is bomb, X key gives you a power up. When you max out power-up, you can easily kill anything (including the big beetles and the boss). Since we only got to work on it for 3 weeks, the gameplay hasnt been balanced yet and there is no custom soundtrack.

    We might make a remake some time though or a new shmup. It was a lot of fun to make, but i hadnt foreseen that the patterns require some complex math calculations, thus resulting in the accellerating circles laugh.gif
  • KDR_11k
    Wouldn't accelerating circles already happen when you slightly increase speed each frame and rotate the velocity vector by a fixed amount?

    The most shmuppy thing I wrote so far was a simple QBasic program which suffers from QBasic's inability to read "key up" events... If you still have QB, it's here. Be warned, ammo is limited, you can increase it by absorbing green bullets while your shields are up but your shots become more powerful when your ammo is low.

    It's pretty bad and QB doesn't support holding down keys so you have to hammer the numpad (will only work with numlock off, I think)...
  • Isis' Minion
    The actual code is based on goniometric calculations, 1 for X, 1 for Y, in which the number before the cos/sin is slightly increased each frame. It was based on some of my previously written code which i made in Flash, which can be found here. I didnt port it all that well, i guess. I might make a shmup by myself soon, since my classes for school in the first semester are probably light.

    Some really awesome games at the latest Comiket. I got this one now:
    [Platine Dispositif] Hitogata Happa
    Which is awesome imo. Really nice art, really nice difficulty modes (doomsday = hell laugh.gif ).
    I suggest you get this one and Samidare, of which they released a new version last Comiket. Both are really awesome.

    Edit: Beat Hitogata Happa on easy. It's lots of fun, very good game. One of the best, imo. You can switch character when you die (there's 8 to choose from, you start with 1, after stage 0 you can buy some more), you can make kamikaze attacks when the flow meter is full and all bosses have a timer that makes them go super when it runs out and when you die after the timer has run out it's game over. Excellent game smile.gif
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