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Dead 6 seeking artist

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PermaGrin polycounter lvl 18
Hello. I am a member of a source mod and we are seeking several artists for several positions. For a quick look / overall info about the mod, please check here DEAD 6 .

My duties on the mod include creating nearly anything in 3D (aside from character, maps, and buildings), UV mapping, and animating.

Allow me to give you a quick overview of our mod. The mod is on the Source engine (Half-Life 2). It is based on the Command & Conquer (C&C) series, originally created by Westwood Studios. This mod takes place between the 2nd C&C game, Red Alert (which took places in the Cold War Era), and the 1st C&C game, Tiberian Dawn (which took place in the 1990's) and attempts to tie together the 2 storylines even more closely than they do now.

Next I will address a bit of info about the team we currently have and maybe you can see why we need artist. Our current team consists of...
4 3D artists (1 weapon, 1 building, 1 weapons/vehicles/animations, and 1 character). Weapon guy is on a leave of absence, buildings guy is never heard from and character guy is in med school (which I can see why we don't hear or see him too much).
2 Storywriters....these guys have really outdone themselves in convincingly meshing the 2 stories. Here are some examples of written works by our writers....One , Two , Three .
2 concept artist (1 general, 1 building) the general guy has been MIA for a bit due to real life issues and the buildings guy has been making great art and designs for artist to work from.
4 coders.....these guys have pumped out more code than our current artist can keep up with. Our lead coder is the Sr. Programmer for the world's largest POSiTouch dealer. They have created projects to fight against cheating, their own solid net backbone, and engine additions. These are just a few examples of their past accomplishments.

We are looking for...
-concept artists
-character modelers
-vehicle modelers
-Source mappers
-buildings modelers
-texture artist (really needed)
-animators (not really needed at the moment, but in the future)

Now if anyone is interested and/or have any questions, I will try to best of my abilities to answer them. There was a topic on here going over loads of questions people want to know before joining a mod. Yet, I was unable to dig it up after 2 hours of searching.

We can easily get weapons in game and animated. We also have the ability to get everything else in game. Problem is, the buildings and maps we have thus far are test maps/buildings (coder art ). Main reason we don't have a lot in with all the code and the ability to get them in is because of our lack on the art side. Unlike other mods I have seen with loads of artist and seeking coders, we have a solid team of coders with the ability, a solid team of designers with the vision, but (at the moment) 1 guy to make art.

Thanks for taking the time to read,

You can also visit our FORUMS and have a deeper look at things.

You may contact me through private message on here or on our forums if you are intersted.


  • Toomas
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    Toomas polycounter lvl 18
    EA will so shut your mod down its not even funny...
  • PermaGrin
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    PermaGrin polycounter lvl 18
    First, thanks for you support tongue.gif
    Second, we have already been in contact with EA. Since this is a probability. I can't say what happened, as we haven't heard back from then since our initial conversations.
    Third, if worst comes to worst, they can put a stop to Renegade X: The Dead 6. As it revolves around EA copyrightten materail. Yet, they can not stop the mod itself, since only people, places and dates are the same from the C&C storyline. Simply changing names, date, places, and certain events; we still have a crate mod based on the same premise on which was originally intended. Just if that happens, it will no longer take place in the "C&Cverse".

    In short, if EA does stop the idea of joining the 2 stories in the "C&Cverse", we will just edit the actaul C&C items so that there is no connection and the mod can continue.
  • KDR_11k
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    KDR_11k polycounter lvl 18
    They don't reply because that's standard company tactics, when someone asks to use your IP for fanart you don't shoot them down immediately because of the bad press. Most of those projects fall apart anyway and aren't worth the bad press, only if you manage to get a release or are very close to one they'll C&D you.
  • PermaGrin
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    PermaGrin polycounter lvl 18
    Even so, like I stated,if worse comes to pass and EA does come to stop us. We will just drop all the C&C related IP and edit the names and places.

    We wont cancel the mod because EA says we can use the name "Patch" (for example), we will just change his name to "Fred" and move on.

    So either way, we are still looking for artist.
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