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Call of Antia

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Hey guys! I decided to do some work in my portfolio in my spare time.
I did highpoly mostly in zbrush. It is very convenient for such characters to make clothes using Extract. I did hardsurface with DynaMesh and retopped in 3dcoat, then threw the retop in Zbrush, set crises or additional loops and smoothed it out.
when the blockout is ready, I start moving it to catch interesting shapes. At this point I am using DinamicSubdiv.
Detailing like ornaments on the belt decided to do on the texture stage :)
If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer)
I liked the concepts from the Call of Antia project and decided to pick one. The choice fell on this concept https://www.artstation.com/artwork/B3LLd4
I didn’t have a goal to repeat the concept exactly, I just wanted to chill and do something without any framework or restrictions.
Here is what we have as a result

You can see the turntable video on artstation. The plans are to make a game ready model, with textures and a rig. I will post my process here.
Thanks, and may the force be with you :))


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