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Ryzen 9 vs ryzen 7

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cturbo node


can someone tell me if it’s worth purchasing the ryzen 9 or ryzen 7 for 3D production?



  • Bozurk
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    Bozurk polycounter lvl 2

    Ryzen 9 or Threadripper no questions! (Obviously, if all you do is 3D creation and seeking to make a living out of it)

    - Ryzen 9 has more cores and higher CPU frequency/clock speeds, and better single-core performance. (especially go with the Ryzen 5000 series)

    - And threadripper is even better when it comes to Its core count. But however, Threadripper CPUs fall short when it comes to Their single-core performance.

    Pros and Cons of both CPUs: Ryzen 9 has a better performance in most cases like (Animating, or Simulating, and/or going through Edit Mode in Blender or Components Mode in Maya) Basically, It's better when you're working.

    And threadripper on the other hand is worse when it comes to the things I have already mentioned above, but, It's amazing when It's rendering the final image. I would say get Ryzen 9 5950x as It has 16 cores It would probably be enough for everything you would do. Not to mention, the x570 motherboards for the Ryzen 9 are much cheaper than the Threadripper's TR40 motherboards.

  • poopipe
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    poopipe godlike master sticky

    I have a 5950x in one system and a 10900k in another.

    Unless I am building code, running some sort of SIM or a shader build I do not use all the cores on either.

    If you mainly do normal game art on standard tools, save some money and put it towards the GPU which is where you'll see most benefit.

    If you use cpu based offline renderers or other heavily threaded applications that run for a long time then go for the extra core count

  • Ghogiel
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    Ghogiel greentooth

    If you use zbrush and do rendering mostly, more cores is the way forward.

    Otherwise it's not so apparent the difference between 8 and 32 cores.

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