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Sigmatron interpolator
Greetings fellow polycounters! Whew, I didn't posted for a while, but anyway I was quite busy working on realtime 3d stuff.
And from now on I really want to be a more active member of community, share artwork not only among my friends in telegram chat, but among my friends here, on polycount <3
So, without further ado, let me share Chainperator with you
It is collaborative work with a very talented artist Oksana Cherry. It was a great pleasure to work with her on this project. And while her part is almost done on this character, I'm still working on him, adding some additional stuff which I will share later when it will be in more presentable form.
You can find more renders on the Oksana's artstion page
My main contribution is armor, rigging and animation.

"He is big, he is nuclear, and he is not respecting any authority except his own. With his chainsaw gauntlet and drill mace he is terrorizing countless arenas around the galaxy. And doing it with a great comfort in his stylish armor."

renders by Oksana, mine probably will be in UE4 ;)



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