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Foliage in AAA games, sculpting of leaf VS having photo of it.

I´m 3D Enviro student artist and I have problem to decide on my pipeline.

Should I use in my portfolio textures of foliage I did sculpt, painted and used albedo to create atlas -> game ready foliage 
Use image of leaf, that was taken by SLR and just skip process to making atlas.

The reason I´m asking is, that when I would get into AAA company, they would rather use images, than having me sculpt and create leaf/foliage. It´s much faster and efficient to just use photo right? After all you might not even see difference in those two, but I´m now on my own, and I can use my resources, my bought atlases with leafs etc, but I feel bad or just not doing enough for me to called it mine job. But as we all know, throwing image and cut it is not all you have to do. I bought few courses from AAA artists, one of them sculpted leaf and used it other ones used images. 

So, what do you think about this? Do AAA companies even sculpt leafs instead of using pictures? 


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