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Hello everyone ,
I will be sharing here all my doodles/sculpts/Wips/finished pieces so thought of creating a thread here to keep things organized and see how things progress through time , please don`t hold back on any critiques

Doodle no 1
the challenge was to create this piece ( based on a concept  Gui Guimaraes ) under a time limit of a week and see how far I can push it within that time-frame it took around 2-3 days (8 working hours divided on the week ) and final colors are polypaint from zbrush

some of the steps

and threw the sculpt into keyshot (left) and arnold (right)

and finally some marmoset images , always interesting for me to see how you can get so many mood and cool images using different rendering solutions

Thank you for going all the way to the end , stay tuned more doodles on the way

Thanks , 



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