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[COMPLETED] - UE4 The Cantina Incident (Inspired by MAFIA Environments) - Feedback and CC needed

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Hello Folks!  :)

I am working on creating my portfolio project based on inspiration from MAFIA Environment. As this is my first big portfolio project, I'm hoping to get feedback and Critiques from your guys along my journey of completing it. As of now, I'm aiming is to complete it in the next 1 month or so.  So, I will Plan my asset details / Texture details accordingly to the timeline.

Idea is to make similar Night Scene and to focus only on the right side of the image mainly BAR and SideWalk on both sides. The designs of the building and other objects will be changed during the process of this environment creation to implement my own idea as well.  :)

Here are is the main inspiration image and my initial basic Blockout of the scene. I will post my progress regularly here for your valuable feedback. Thanks in advance. Have a good day, evening, night!  :)

Inspired Environment Mood and Scene: (Source: FANDOM)

UE4 Scene Blockout:


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