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Stylized Chaparral

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For the last few months my quarantine project has been to make a stylized environment kit with an emphasis on organics. I wanted to take some of the plant construction techniques I learned on WoW and apply them to something different. The kit is inspired by Vasquez Rocks natural area north of LA, which I visited two years ago with some friends. I hadn’t done anything in Unreal in a few years so this was...an experience. I went with all dynamic lighting and while it was a mess to figure out, I’m really impressed with how far indirect lighting via light propagation volumes has come.

More words to come later, maybe. For now, pictures:

EDIT: now with highlight reel

I didn't do a ton of sculpting, rocks were the exception.

For the big cliff rock I mostly focused sculpting detail on the edges. More detail was added later with tiling normal and color maps.

Some base maps, all hand-painted except for the rock and sand which used some bakes. I'd like to learn substance designer if only to generate placement of leaves on branches, but I couldn't solve that particular problem so these were all done the hard way.


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