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Hi, I'm Per. I used to post here.

per 3ds

After two decades of 3D modeling in 3ds Max I have developed an extensive set of tools and workflow enhancers. I'm quite confident it's the best you'll find anywhere, but judge for yourself, as I am going open-source. You will have absolutely everything that I have.

I will be releasing in small increments as I port from previous 3ds Max versions to 2020 in addition to re-writing and implementing new ideas.

  • I will not host the project. If someone else does, I will contribute.
  • I do not provide support.
  • I do not document.
  • I will not be hyping this, just developing it. Community interest and effort will be essential for this to reach all interested end-users.

My personal goals
  • Develop the toolset for my own use.
  • Re-connect with and be motivated by the 3D modeling community.
  • Cooperate with other 3rd party devs, especially anyone proficient with the SDK.
  • Use the toolset to teach 3ds.
  • Make some money, without commercializing anything.
  • Enough momentum behind the toolset to reach Autodesk's ears.
  • Cooperate with other 3rd party devs.

Rough roadmap
  • file mgr - consolidate 3ds user files (scripts, bitmaps, etc) to one cloud-syncable location
  • ext mgr - install/uninstall/configure extensions
  • prj mgr - extend to include gamma, units, and other settings
  • perui toggles display
  • perui context sensitive keys
  • perui mat - standardized materials
  • perui feed - messages ordinarily output in listener/messagebox now shown in viewport
  • configuration manager
  • mdl workspace - changes how 3d ops align to the viewport
  • mdl selection
  • mdl support
  • mdl deletion
  • mdl creation
  • gui themes
  • mdl viewport
  • mdl blockout - most of the modeling tools reside here
  • mdl hipoly
  • mdl objects
  • mdl booleans
  • mdl lowpoly
  • mdl uvw
  • mdl SGPT - Next-generation modeling paradigm, similar to the shift from emesh to epoly
  • mdl bake



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