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Truppenfahrrad (german ww2 army bike) WIP model

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m00k keyframe
Hi everyone. I've been working on this bicycle the last couple of months. The bike itself is done Imo, and I'm working on some accessories for it right now.

At the start of world war 2 the german army didn't have a lot of armor so they had entire bicycle battalions which I found quite interesting.

I did the high - low poly, uv and bake in blender 2.8. And textured it in substance. Also did some decals in krita / blender. Rendered in cycles as well.

Anyway here are some renders.

Not entirely pleased with the lighting. 

Some screenshots from substance.

Also some screenshots from a prewar kar98 I'm making to hang of the side of the bike. Its not my most accurate model but It's not supposed to be the main piece so...

Crits are welcome.
Just speak your mind.


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