Wendy's hand-painted material practice

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Wendy de Boer interpolator
Greetings, people of Q2PPM! Here are my new skins for Quake 2! Wait... what year is it? Oh yes! Happy 20th, Polycount! XD

All joking aside, I have been going through Sam Nielson's course "Fundamentals of Lighting" on Schoolism. I've also been looking for a way to apply the information to hand-painted textures. I figured that trying out various materials on small props would be a good way to go about it.

Also, recently I was replaying Quake 2, one of my favorite old games. Seeing the pick-up items with the badly skewed textures was a little sad for sure, but then I realized it would be super easy to replace them.

So now I've started to slowly replace the pick-up items with higher res ones, and getting in my hand-painted practice all at once!

First up is the armor shard. I wanted to get some nice paint damage on it, and also try to sell the difference in reflectivity between the paint and the bare metal. I also painted in some orangy underlighting, which is a style device used across many of the original assets in Quake 2.

Next up is the invulnerability power-up. This one was a good excuse to practice skull anatomy. I also tried to fake reflections on the brass material of the skull. I made the orange underlighting a lot stronger for this asset, because warm lighting on a warm colored metal will enhance the saturation.

And the last one for now, the stimpack. I tried to make the material look more like plastic. I also kept grunge down to a minimum, since this is a medical item. However, I'm not sure if the material really reads correctly or if it simply looks less detailed than the others.

Wireframes on my Artstation if anyone is interested:


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