Sketchbook: Henning Skogstad

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Going to be posting some studies and wip's here. I want to improve both my 2d art and start learning and experimenting with some 3d.  If you have any comment or critique on whatever I would love it. Don't hold back, I want to get better :smile:

I also have an instagram:
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    DunkSlammins triangle
    Nork Tang. Character sketch for a personal project

    And a still life study of some fruit and a stapler on my desk

  • DunkSlammins
    A couple of new portraits, mostly for practice and for use in my homebrew DnD campaign. Trying to get a little looser with my brush strokes as I think I tend to over-smooth and make things look fuzzy and blurry at the edges and that things look like clay or plastic. Any critique is welcome :)

    Orc boi

    Jonathan (corrupt city watchman for a Dnd game)


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     Tried to keep my brush at a 100% opacity and work with a simple round brush. I really like the clean, lush look of artists such as Laurel D Austin. Still a far way away from such badassery, but I learned a bunch!

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    Ninja Cat for the Character Design Challenge on facebook. A wise, old, persian master-shinobi, looking for a ringworm cure on the rooftops of Tokyo. Tons of fun! I set my deadline to 2 days and tried to bust it out as fast as I could. 
    Somewhat pleased with the silhouette and composition. But still learning! Critique is welcome, as usual. Thank you!

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