[UE4] SR 417 Overpass

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Synaesthesia interpolator
Hi guys! This is a project I started roughly two weeks ago after taking a bike ride with my daughter. Here's the photo reference I took for this area:

I started off by creating the concrete wall slabs first using Quixel Mixer:

I tried using displacement with them, but I just didn't like how it looked in the end, so I manually cut out the shapes for them in Max and extruded them enough to look like displacement but at a fraction of the cost. After that, I moved on to placing foliage and trying to iterate on the lighting. I went through 11 different LUTs and close to 30 shots worth of work on this project from internal feedback at Quixel. The final result is something I'm pretty happy with:

If you're interested in the progression, here's how it would have looked had I remembered to post here:

Thanks for reading! I'll try to kick myself into remembering to create a thread here for my progress next time I start on another project. :)


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