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shabba polycounter lvl 13

Hey Everyone,
For those looking for honest, respectful, critical feedback with no sugar coating, and no false encouragement. If you want to know what areas you need to improve on in order to grow as a better 3D Prop or Environment Artist, then please send me an email! You have nothing to lose.

What this IS NOT:
- not a mentor program
- not a tutorial
- not a paid service

What this IS:
- Art reviews that are straight forward, to the point, and constructive to help you grow your mind and skills!
- 100% free /w no obligations, or commitments 

Go to my portfolio for more details: https://darrenhorrocks.com/projects/7042240
Email me: [email protected]

NOTE – This is completely free, there are no strings attached, the over arcing goal is to help everyone learn, and become better at receiving criticism. 

For those who request reviews from PC, i will post that content in the boards here. 

If you are a 3D Artist with 5+ years of AAA experience and would like to contribute to do reviews and provide feedback with the sole purpose of helping lift up fellow artists and grow their skillsets, their critical eye, and pushing a community forward. Then please email me and reach out! This isnt a job, its a public service whenever you can spare the time.


  • Taylor Brown
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    Taylor Brown ngon master
    Thanks for doing this. I'm sharing it with my student community and bookmarking it for my own personal use after I finish a couple more projects that fit your criteria.
  • Barbarian
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    Barbarian polycounter lvl 12
    I commend you for doing this.
  • Eric Chadwick
    This is cool.

    Why not do this out in the open, say on a forum perhaps?

    Others learn from good critique, too.

    My 2 cents.
  • Eric Chadwick

    - To steer away from the participation medal mindset that has made its way into the 3D art community. Many moons ago, people were openly critical of each others work, sometimes it was harsh but most often it was reality. If you posted your work, that was an open invitation for criticism and feedback. Unfortunately I feel the online art communities of today have lost this aspect of holding each other accountable. To squeeze every last ounce of effort out of a persons work, and to collectively make it as good as it can be. I am hesitant to openly offer constructive criticism in forums or online spaces. So this is my platform – A CALL TO VOLUNTEERS! 

    I can see why this makes sense. Volunteers would demonstrate at least a basic level of commitment, so your feedback is more likely to be acted upon. Less time wasted. 

    But I disagree with the premise that a forum can't provide honest direct feedback. Still happening a ton here.

    Why exactly are you hesitant?

    I hope you don't take this as a site admin getting defensive. I also seek honest direct feedback. I want to improve our platform for the good of all, if it's possible.
  • carvuliero
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    carvuliero hero character
    I have to agree with most of quote above there are people that just post to promote themself [or product they sale ] or to show off and be praised and if you try to give them constructive critique either they or their followers got offensive .That's one of the reasons I stop replying on post that are not specifically asking for critiques
    Requirements sound a bit steep in my opinion 3-5 finished models is more like portfolio review ,art review sound too generic, also if someone spend few months making this 3-5 models he will be less likely to go back and act on given feed back .I have seen that many times they will thank you and say something like "I will keep that in mind or I will use that in my next project" and you just wasted your time .Critique like that might work in studio environment where ppl have no choice but to act on critique given , but in a free flowing environment like internet just think about it what will you pick : working one new exiting project or reworking some old junk .Maybe few things to think about
    In general I like idea very much, it's close to what I am trying to do and if you are willing to make some exception on volunteers requirements I am willing to help -> Anatomy and nude/seminude figure
  • Taylor Brown
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    Taylor Brown ngon master
    I'm guilty of saying "ill keep it in mind for my next project". I realized how shitty it was of me to waste that person's time so instead of just posting a finished project I seek out feedback throughout the process to help iterate. At the time, I honestly didn't know enough to even be able to act on the feedback.
  • shabba
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    shabba polycounter lvl 13
    I can see why this makes sense. Volunteers would demonstrate at least a basic level of commitment, so your feedback is more likely to be acted upon. Less time wasted. 

    But I disagree with the premise that a forum can't provide honest direct feedback. Still happening a ton here.

    Why exactly are you hesitant?

    Hey @Eric Chadwick,
    No worries, its pretty difficult for me to get defensive. I completely agree with you that people can learn from the critiques of others. I do intend to make all of the critiques accessible to anyone interested for free as well to ensure the most people can learn as possible, especially if they arent in a state to submit the 3-5 finished pieces.

    I dont believe its not possible for a forum to provide honest direct feedback - I just believe its declining. All of these are just opinions backed up by zero data, just how I feel from experience. As site administrator, with access to data or the ability to collect data, it would be an interesting statistic to find out who the people are that are providing feedback. And then survey people in AAA/Indie working professionals and see why they arent the bigger population of people posting feedback. Purely out of interest. Maybe we can have a chat outside of forums about this as I feel its mutually beneficial? Mind if I add you to facebook messenger? Or another messenger service of your choosing?

    I owe a lot to Polycount, as I am self-taught and got much of what I learned through this community. So for that, thank you.

    @carvuliero - When I first read your comment, I agreed and started thinking more and more about it. And I totally agree that once someone has 3-5 finished pieces, they are MUCH less likely to go back and make any changes for all the reasons you listed above. However, one of my main intentions initially with the 3-5 finished requirement was to ensure artists are actually completing work, and finalizing content. As I experienced myself, doing WIP after WIP and once the initial excitement wore off, it was difficult to stay focused and press on.

    Exactly what @eric@"Eric Chadwick"  said in the quote above.

    By requiring 3-5 finished pieces, I am encouraging someone who wants feedback from me to go through the ups and downs of creating 3D art, and really have to find the self-discipline and personal work ethic to push through and finalize work so that they DO have a portfolio that can be presentable. Even if my critiques arent acted on, I feel they will be more self-aware for their next one and the one after that.

    It creates a barrier to entry. So because of this I dont think i'll change my requirement, but I do sincerely appreciate your feedback and input. Maybe if the review requests slow down, then I can loosen the standards, but for now - following instructions, adhering to requirements, and finalizing work are all good skills that are demanded in any industry, so its a good thing to practice.

    Email me in regards to helping on anatomy and figure please! Thanks!

    Thanks @Taylor Brown  and @Barbarian - I appreciate that, and I really appreciate you spreading the message as far and as wide as you can.

  • Alex_J
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    Alex_J grand marshal polycounter
    I didn't read it all very carefully. On vacation. But sounds like something I'd like to take advantage of soon. But wanted to say, my opinion about giving critique is I give not for the individual but for the community. Don't care if individual acts or accepts my advice. Maybe I'm full of shit anyhow. Whether good or bad, I hope somebody is going to read and learn something that is all. Because I learn a lot by reading critiques of others work. It's a way to learn without as much time investment. So I really appreciate it all being public and encourage anybody shy about posting to just flaunt it proudly because it helps us all.  And although pro critique is worth more, anybody can share very useful thoughts. Some programmer gave me advice that instantly improved my work in a major way.
    Sorry but grammar I hate typing on phone!

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