Fallout 4: New Vegas Modding Team - Looking for new members!

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Fallout 4: New Vegas

Who Are we?

We're a growing team re-creating a game that we love and hold dear to us; 'Fallout:New Vegas' and we're making it using the Fallout 4 Engine!

Why join us?
Well,  you could be looking for experience working within a team or perhaps you want to create assets for Fallout 4. Maybe you just love Fallout: New Vegas and want to add to your portfolio? 

What are we looking for?
We're looking for dedicated individuals who share our passion for creating games and want to improve with us.
More specifically:

*These are not a MUST, but will rather help the process of asset creation. If you're unfamiliar with a process like 'high poly to low poly bakes* our 3D Artists will try assist you*

3D - Architecture/Props/Tilesets/World Assets
- General Knowledge of low poly/high poly modelling
- UV'ing
- Understanding of modular Tilesets/Kits

Texture Artists - Weapons/Architectural/Props/Landscape/Characters
- Zbrush/Substance Designer+Painter knowledge is a plus

-Biped/Quadriped animating/rigging (rigging is a plus)

Voice Actors
Professional quality recording equipment

Concept Art/2D
- Ability to provide lovely 2D Art
- Animating is a plus

Audio Audio: Looking for ambiance compositions

Other Information:
- Position isn't paid
- You need Discord to communicate with the other Developers

If you'd like to see this project happen, JOIN NOW!

Please follow the application form and SUBMIT: https://form.jotformz.com/wanamingo/f4nv-project-application-form

Thank you for your time! 

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