[Maya-Substance Painter]UV, Normal baking and ugly edges

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Mahelix triangle

I am currently modeling a Raging Bull revolver and after modeling the high and low poly versions, I have reached the baking part.

So, after exploding, unwrapping and rearranging, I exported the lowpoly to Substance Painter for the bakings (I use a 2048*2048 resolution in Substance Painter as well as 2x2 Antialiasing).

The problem is, my model has messy edges on many pieces such as the one shown below :

In order to provide as many element as possible to figure where the problem might come from, here are a couple screenshots from Maya :

(I'm only showing one piece, but my way of working is pretty similar with the other parts of the model so the issues they have might come from the same mistake(s) I must have made)

-The lowpoly version of the piece with the uv seams in bold (those edges are also hard edges, as those parts are pretty angular on the reference pictures, and I have heard that hard edges should always have their UV split) :

-The Highpoly version underneath the lowpoly :

-And finally, the position of the uv on the map and its configuration :

I have been scratching my head on this problem all day long and tried (among other things) to add bevels, smooth the whole thing, reduce the amount of uv islands etc, any advice would be more than helpful at this point ;)

Thank you in advance.


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