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The Duke

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Here is my latest personal project I'm doing in my spare time. Posting in hope of getting some feedback, advice, criticism.. I never posted my work before so Im pretty gutted, but I want to reach out to other artists, make connections and keep learning from you and moving forward - thanks in advance! 

This is a character from Artstation expired challenge (Ancient Civilisations) based on a concept of one participant - Florian Coudray - and original can be found here https://www.artstation.com/contests/ancient-civilizations/challenges/14/submissions/12416?sorting=survivors
I couldn't participate as I am usually doing freelance, and that time I wouldn't be able to carry on, but this particular character I've found very challenging due to many facets of the design, cloth, feathers, mechanical parts, a mix of many materials and forms perhaps  styles

I'm still working on this, and initially I wanted to optimise it for UE4 with simple rig, but ended up sculpting it in a pose for rendering, due to time constraints 

I'd like to keep posting the progress, so all comments are very welcome - thank you! 

clothing test

posing test

Duke's head and mask 

bird angles

mechanical legs

feathers hand painted in Photoshop and detail textured in Substance Painter

Duke's ancient shoes (concept artist specified he searched up many styles to inspire him, Venetian carnivals and Berber Riders so I followed and found similar designs in Mongolian, Persian, Moroccan ancient shoes - hard to tell from original painting so that was my guess) 


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