(UE4) Desert Planet Environment - "First Contact"

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Jack M. polycounter lvl 5
I've been working on this environment off and on for the past couple weeks in what little spare time I have and now that I feel I have a solid direction to go in I wanted to post here for feedback and suggestions to further influence the designs.

I'm making a sort of "first contact" environment. The character in the foreground isn't as much of the focus so I'm going to shroud him in a cloak, and I'm going to make a ship that's landed in the distance. 

A lot of stuff is placeholder right now. The rocks, the ship, and the character are all currently placeholder. I'm going to add some light foliage to further act as a natural vignette to the scene to pull the focus to the ship as well. 

I'm also pretty interested in messing with interesting screen ratios in order to achieve different feelings so I'll probably come up with a standard 16:9 and some other comp.

I'm hoping to have a blockout of the ship done here in the next few days.


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