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Windows 10 + Zbrush 4R6

polycounter lvl 7
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7oli polycounter lvl 7
I have a problem with Zbrush 4R6 p2. The latest windows 10 update screwed up my zbrush because now the windows taskbar is always visible and i cannot access the lower tools brushes etc. Zbrush usually starts normally without the taskbar, but when i press alt+tab, or load a tool the taskbar appears and never gone.
Please help! thanks!


  • Tripl3M
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    Tripl3M polycounter lvl 2
    Try restoring then maximizing it again
  • DrHemulen
    I'm having the same issue after the update.
    Minimizing/restoring the window doesn't seem to work. Is there a specific maximize button somewhere? Tooltip says "restore".
    As a workaroud you can manually set the taskbar to autohide in windows options, but it's really annoying. 
  • 7oli
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    7oli polycounter lvl 7
    yes, autohide is the only option i found right now! :(
  • kolayamit
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    kolayamit polycounter lvl 12
    yes, i am also forced to use the autohide taskbar for Zbrush in windows 10.
  • ToluAbisola
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    ToluAbisola polycounter lvl 3
    Thank god I'm not the only one.

    It's completely messed up my ability to use Zbrush on my Surface PRO 2 as 1, the taskbar is always visible which stops me from being able to access some of the brushes in my custom UI and 2, it has completly screwed up my ability to use touch screen menu controls like ArtDock and tablet mouse.

    The only answer I've found for now is to roll Windows back to the last stable release which worked for me last night until this morning when I noticed that Windows effing update had put it back to the defective version.

    Fuming as i can't use ZBrush until I'm home this evening to roll back the version and then stop Windows from switching back.
  • sefice
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    sefice polycounter lvl 8

    I have the same problem. Apparently, Windows 10 Anniversary update is to blame.

    After some googling, I've come across this answer on the Adobe Forums as it also appears in Photoshop fullscreen mode (F).

    "It's not a bug, but an incorrect implementation of the public functions of developer so that Microsoft will not correct anything. . Therefore, you will have to wait until the developers will optimize their products to run on the new operating system"

    Seems like a crappy excuse for Microsoft.

  • 7oli
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    7oli polycounter lvl 7
    The new Windows 10 creators update fixed this issue for me.
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