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Mech² - 3DPrint and Resin Casting project

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Stinger88 polycounter
So I thought I'd start a thread for this. The idea is to get a mech model 3D printed and from that I hope to learn how to do resin casting.

Steps will be:
  • Make model (Zbrush)
  • Split model into parts for printing (keeping casting issues in mind, legs will likely be 3 parts, body 1 or 2)
  • 3D print (using printer service)
  • Prep printed model for casting (Sand, filler, etc)
  • Cast Silicone moulds
  • Cast Models using Polyurethane Resin
  • Assemble Mech
  • make a few different models with various finishes. Spray paint, etc.

I'm purposfully keeping the model and detail big n' chunky. No deep crevasses or holes. I'd love it to be articulated but I doubt i'd be able to pull it off. I might make it poseable before glueing the parts in place, so they could be varied... Or more likely it will just be a fixed stance. keep it simple!

Anyway. Here goes. Hope I see it through. :D

(rendering in keyshot)

detailing started


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