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[3DSMAX] Spline tool script (sort of like ZBrush Curve brush) for repeatable geometry along spline.

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OccultMonk interpolator
Paul Graveson has a tool, that he did not publish as far as I know: Spline tool. This is not the same as objects that are repeated along the spline with the snapshot tool. These objects are bend along the curve and merged like the curve brush in Zbrush. I know you can do this manually with the world space path deform modifier, but you still have to guess the amount of objects you need, and it can't be adjusted dynamically.  This would be ideal for repeated merged topology such as ropes and hoses, but also for stitches that bend with the spline. 

I wanted to make such a script myself, but I just don't have the time. Does anyone know if there is a script like this? Or how to contact Paul Graveson?



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