[WIP] Train Yard

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JLHGameArt greentooth
 Rebuilding my portfolio over the next few months. Wanted to try and get my work critiqued as I move forward.

 Plan is to create 3 - 5 different environments before launching myself into the job hunt again.
They're all going to go in Unity 5.

 I'm only about a week in, so still mostly modelling and laying out UV's.

 I found the concept just from a google image search. I'm still trying to establish the story a bit, original concept is an idea for the FF7 Train Yard as it might be today.

 I'm probably going to go for some kind of disaster hit this area of a city maybe a few years ago, now it's a slum, people living in the abandoned train carriages, setting up shops and bars. I'll make one of the train carriages a shop we can walk into and see a vast amount of junk, items, weapons, materia. I'll have an opening where the player may have just emerged from the sewers.

 Currently modelling everything I know I'll need for certain, then going to paint over some renders with a basic lighting setup to figure out the mood I want to go for.

I work in Maya, ZBrush, PS. Looking into Substance Painter, not used it before so any thoughts on that would be nice.

Any/all feedback and advice is welcome and appreciated.

....aaaand back to work.



Not sure what I'm going to do with this are yet (below). I'm thinking a burnt out campfire, some makeshift shelters where the train carriage is being propped up. 

Slum bar

Inside needs a lot more character, but I think this is a good start before I start making it look beat up and deformed. I can put beds/hammocks in here, trash, rubble, broken stuff. I think it's going to look awesome!

Wrecked train - currently about 13000 faces, so I'll be trying to bring that down a lot. Each carriage is 1300 faces. There are a couple that you will be able to walk into, those are up to 7400 faces, but they have much more detail.


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