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Majestic-12 at PAX

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Jesse Moody polycounter lvl 15

Exis shares some new news about Majestic-12...

Majestic-12 at PAX (New screenshots)

Big news for Exis! After months of development, adding a new lighting engine, and overall gameplay improvements they are headed to PAX East 2012 to show off all the hard work. If you will be at PAX stop in and pay them a visit from April 6th to 8th at the Reverb Communications booth #808! With all new 4 player co-op and Versus modes, Majestic-12 is better than ever.

Check out these new shots of their game in action:




  • Torch
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    Torch interpolator
    This looks like some really nice design, very arcade-ey looking gameplay wise, grats Exis :D
  • Ged
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    Ged interpolator
    I think those characters need pupils in the eyes, they just feel a little wierd at the moment. Love the enemies and general fun-ness
  • OverMarvelous
    Sooooooooooooo...The girl character is named after her ass, and the African guy is named after the colour of his skin. And the other two characters have their personalities on display. Is the African guy a demolitions guy? is he Angry, is he happy? why is he called stuffing Brownguy. Surely you guys didnt really run out of cool names for a girl action game character as well. Very Lame. I dnt think this is offensive, its jst Lame.
  • Torch
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    Torch interpolator
    I don't know, I think the lack of pupils gives it a cool stylised look. Also, OverMarvelous you didn't say much about the games visuals and gameplay demo, only the names chosen for the characters. I don't think it was meant to be particularly witty or clever, just playing to funny stereotypes. Seems pretty fun to me :D
  • OverMarvelous
    sorry, I think the game looks aweswome and it looks like it will play amazing and all the best to the devs,:D I just think the names could be thought about better?
  • PeterK
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    PeterK greentooth

    Guido is named after me, Zack Actionman is named after generic action hero people. Junk trunk Jenny is a joke name I use to use with my girlfriend, and Robert Brownman is named after Robert Brown, a good friend who helps run our facebook page, who just happens to be black in real life.

    not everything is meant to offend people mate. There's also a 5th character you don't see here named "Bondo Jamesman"; it's all just poking a little bit of fun at things.
  • robert.B
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    robert.B polycounter lvl 11
    heheh Overmarvelous: good looking out ;) but i can vouch that peter chose these names in good pretense and each one was selected for unique reason and not to capture a kind of stereotype. After all i like starring in a video game ;) lol
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