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almighty_gir polycounter
Go see it, it's legitimately very fun in the same kind of vein as Guardians of the Galaxy.

I left feeling surprised and very happy.

Also, dat foreshadowing at the very very end of the credits :o (there are two credit sequences).


  • praetus
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    praetus greentooth
    I went to see it on Saturday with my wife. I had been avoiding spoilers with the movie and only read enough of reviews to see that it was being hailed as a good movie. Had a great time watching it. Seriously, check it out.
  • X-One
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    X-One polycounter lvl 13
    Yeah, I enjoyed it thoroughly. I asked quite a few people if they wanted to go see it, but pretty much nobody was interested. As a result, I just went and watched it by myself. I came out pleased.

    I was hoping it was going to be good, but I went in with quite low expectations. It was better than I was expecting it to be all the way around. I was skeptical about the fact that they were jumping straight into Scott Lang, but I'd say that my skepticism was unfounded.

    Rudd and Pe
  • notman
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    notman polycounter lvl 13
    I totally missed the lack of a thread here. I took my family, opening weekend, and we all thought it was great. It starts a bit slow, and kind of over does explaining backgrounds, but once it picks up, it becomes a fun movie.

    I think the trailers undersold this movie, because I know a few people who had concerns about this movie. Do yourself a favor, and see it, if you haven't.
  • Shiniku
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    Shiniku polycounter lvl 7
    I liked it more than I expected too. I've been a fan of all the Marvel movies, but based on the trailers I was really worried about this one.

    I was gladly pleasantly surprised though. Movie has a lot of heart and at it's core is a character drama. All the characters are interesting and wonderfully cast. And unlike most of the Marvel movies this one actually got better as it went on. For the first half, I was feeling it toward the bottom of my Marvel Movie faves, but by the end it was definitely nearer to the top.

    The movie doesn't have any huge, earth-shattering "wow" moments like some other movies, but it had a lot less I had to roll my eyes at too. Overall I was really happy with it.
  • PixelMasher
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    PixelMasher ngon master
    hah my friend was worried about this movie too, after seeing the first trailer. I simply looked him in the eye and said "bitch...its a marvel movie" ofcourse they were gonna kill it! everything kevin feighe touches turns to gold. Not quite as amazing as guardians but definitely very cool and fun.
  • Matt Fagan
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    Matt Fagan polycounter lvl 4
    +1 Definitely was a fun movie, saw this the same day I saw Trainwrecked. Two good movies, and plenty of good comedy in both. Ant Man definitely deserves praise if it hasn't gotten much.
  • JimmyRustler
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    JimmyRustler polycounter lvl 5
    My hype was crushed after they kicked Edgar Wright out of the project.

    Wasn't planning to see the movie at all, but i change my mind after seeing a lot of positive review around the internet, and the fact that they didn't completely re-write the original script. My expectation was pretty low too, so i guess i'm good to go.
  • ErichWK
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    ErichWK polycounter lvl 7
    It was fun. Some parts bugged me. Seemed by the books, though. At times you could see Edgar Wright's still creeping through and made me sad we couldn't see his completed vision. I still would have prefered a Pym driven story, but Scott Lang was alright. GREAT fight scenes
  • Darth Tomi
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    Darth Tomi polycounter lvl 10
    Saw it. Fun movie. :)
  • levigilbert
    Just saw it last night and loved it.

    JimmyRustler: I didn't realize Edgar Wright got kicked off, he was in the credits so he must have had some input into this...
  • JimmyRustler
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    JimmyRustler polycounter lvl 5
    Just saw it last night and loved it.

    JimmyRustler: I didn't realize Edgar Wright got kicked off, he was in the credits so he must have had some input into this...

    He was credited due to the fact that he wrote the original script. He has been working on it for years and he was supposed to direct it too.

    I liked Edgar Wright a bit too much because i seriously adore his works.
    So when i heard that he left the project and the script got re-wrote to fit with the MCU, i lost all of my interest.
  • Joshflighter
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    Joshflighter polycounter lvl 8
  • CaptainBlasto
    I think that anybody expecting it to be the next "Guardians of the Galaxy" might be disappointed. Don't get me wrong. "Ant-Man" is a pretty great movie. It's very funny and has some good action pieces. It's just different than "Guardians." The scale of the story is smaller and more intimate.

    Being focused mainly on two or three characters, it's a more personal sort of story. "Guardians" is big and bombastic. There's all of this "Star Wars"-like spectacle. "Ant-Man" is really about fathers & daughters and what it takes to keep them safe. Without spoiling anything, it's a lot more about Scott/Cassie and Hank/Hope than actually Ant-Man himself.

    In many ways, that makes "Ant-Man" Marvel's smartest movie to date. It could have easily ended up being "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" with super powers, but ended up being more human. Casting Paul Rudd ended up being a stroke of genius too. He's got the same sort of brash charisma of Chris Pratt's Star-Lord, but also a vulnerable side that a lot of Marvel heroes don't always seem to have. Rudd plays to his strengths, but also gets to show a little more range than usual.

    I was also impressed by the VFX. Again, this is the sort of movie where we've seen this type of effect before. We've seen people shrunken down to ant size. The way in which it's done here is very nice. It's never outrageous, but also never cliche. The constant popping in and out of ant size makes the fights pretty exciting.

    If I have one complaint it's the a few of the scale related visual jokes aren't as funny in practice. That Thomas the Tank Engine scene is a little lopsided, humor-wise. Yeah. We get it. Small to us. Big to him. Move on. That's my only complaint though.
  • cynnex
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    cynnex polycounter lvl 3
    Saw it for the second time last night. Really enjoyed it. I found it a breath of fresh air in contrast to the other Marvel movies. I liked the scope and scale of the movie. For me, it's proof that Marvel can turn out smaller movies that still have a big impact on character and story. There were a few moments where I geeked out quite a bit.

    I love Edgar Wrights films and while I am a little sad that in the end he didn't direct it, I can see how this movie might come across as more of an Edgar Wright film than a Marvel film.

    Overall it's a fun ride and I'm very pleased with it.
  • praetus
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    praetus greentooth
    ErichWK wrote: »
    Some parts bugged me.


    Yeah, the Edgar Wright thing was disappointing, but I feel that the movie still stood up without him. That is probably due to them using his script more or less. I'm glad they worked it in to the overall MCU though.
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