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Hi everyone,

It's a bit late but i'm getting into this contest.

The great Aton, god of the solar's disc have sent the king's throne on earth in the city of El Amarna. Only the real king who is worshiping the god Aton can pretend to sit on it. The throne have two sides to correspond to the two states of the dayly journey of Aton: the day and the night.

3ds max
Substance tools
Unreal Engine 4

I've started preproduction and because i'am probably runnig out of time i'll be focusing on the day side of the throne for now.

Some Refs:

Some props Refs:

Concept of the Aton's throne ; day side:

The Concept of the room:


This is a Substance material. I've tried to make marble but it was quite difficult! But i had so much fun to play with SD. I also made the hieroglyph to be randomable to quickly create different looks materials. But it still a lot of thing to learn!


  • snakos
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    snakos polycounter lvl 8
    Hi everyone,

    I made ground, wall, ceil and column.
    It need more details but i don't think i 'll have time to push further...i still have to make my throne! haha


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    snakos polycounter lvl 8

    I finally started my throne.
    It's like a small ship in a pyramid form floating in the air.


    and some advancement of the Background

    I've changed the shape of the weird thing behind the throne and put a big wall instead.
    i've drawn a cartouche shaped hole to remind that the one who is sit on the throne is an egyptian king.


    It still a lot of detail i want to add to both BG and throne ; i will do my best before the deadline! But first, before adding details i want to finish the pool in the center.

    Thanks for watching
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    snakos polycounter lvl 8

    The up for this week.

    1 Made the pool and some lotus flowers
    2 Add some Variation to pillars and texture on the ceil
    3 Change a bit the throne
    4 Textured the main door
    5 Played with lighting

    The pictures:





    Just one week to go!
    As i could work on it just Friday and Sunday it will not change that much but i'll try my best till the final day! :thumbup:
    Espacially i would like to fix some lightmaps problems.
    If i have enough time i will try to add detail to the back wall.

    This is the last rush! Good luck everybody!
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    snakos polycounter lvl 8
    Finally came time for submitting!

    But before i wanted to showing you here one more picture of how i worked on this project.

    I essencially use some textures that i reused on many props to get an optimised scene. My substance are still a bit heavy, i'm sure i can get what i've made lighter.
    The frieze in the upperpart and the triangle shape are totally made in substance designer, I've just used a small textures for the bottom one that i've tiled inside SD.

    I'am going to submit!

    Good luck everyone!
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    snakos polycounter lvl 8
    Hi everryone,

    I didn't really take the time to explain how i've manage my stuff so for this last day of contest i wanted to show you a bit of my workflow with substance designer.
    Hopefully the picture is clear enough...
    For this texture i created a hipoly model made it tile on a square space (texture space) and bake normal map and color map from it.
    Then i created the substance material from those 2 maps.


    I have put a dirt effect with a level node that i can expose to twick value later in the engine. I did the same for the color with a HSL node.

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