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My Classic Mini High Poly 3D Model (3dsmax)

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This is my model of my own classic mini 1996 equinox. I have done it in 3ds max over my summer after my first year in univercity doing Games Desing (BA) hons. This was purely to up my skills in 3ds max and explore new ways of modelling especially modifiers. It currently isnt textured as im not 100% what way to go about it as the unwrap is huge and im in the process of baking it down into a lower poly model. The polycount came to 879,277 so very high poly, with 563,715 of them being the wheels.
Im looking to getting into automotive modelling due to my passion for cars. Any tips, advice and feedback for my model would be much appreciated.
My uni blog post for this mini is: PHASEgaming there is many more pictures on there and the process of how i went about it.

Thank you


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