[UE4] The Kiosk

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Hello Polycount! I'm planning on spending the next month or so working on a new environment in my free time. I learned a lot from my last environment using UDK. I want to continue that progression with UE4. I stumbled upon this concept by Friedemann Allmenroeder on ArtStation and really enjoyed the style and mood.


I'm especially interested in creating more stylized art. The Shield piece in my portfolio was a step into that direction. On top of that, I want to inject a bit of humor into this piece with the interior of the kiosk. I want to make it a singular home that someone now uses to sell sand to potential buyers (Complete with AC unit, hot plate, jars of sand, register, and some sort of bathroom).


I've done an initial breakdown of how I want to create the exterior art. Also included is a list of what I want to learn while working on this environment piece.

My next step is to create the blocked out environment and start to set up the lighting in UE4. If any comments/concerns/suggestions cross your mind, feel free to post!


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