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is 6 textures too much for one model?

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Hey guys, i just needed some help on texture effeciency. I have a model i'm working on, its is some sort of saw mill portable mission, you could say its a mech, and its detailed at like 40k tris, and in scale its pretty big. I am uv mapping it and i ended up making 6 different uv maps. Is this too much for the model? Because i think i would make each one 1024 but i think thats way too much for 6 textures, and at 512 i dont think it would look to good...

edit: i forgot to mention, the textures are not split by materials, the whole thing is basically metal...

So my question stands, is 6 textures too much for one model? Help and advice would be greatly appreciated


  • EarthQuake
    Well 6 1024s is basically:
    1 2048x2048 + 1 1024x2048, which doesn't seem like too much for a large vehicle/mech, esp with a 40k triangle count.

    Splitting in up into 6 textures though, what is the point of that? Certainty it would be easier to texture if it was all packed into one or two large textures.

    Generally you want to keep extra textures to a minimum, as each extra material/texture set adds another draw call, which means worse performance in most game engines.
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