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Maya 6 or Below?

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Joopson quad damage
Hey guys, weird question.
Do you know anywhere I can download the Personal Learning edition of Alias Maya from ages ago? I'm looking for version 6 or below, and I can't find it anywhere for download.
It was free at the time, and had an awful watermark overlayed on everything.

Why would I want such a thing? Nostalgia, really.

Anyone who can point me in the right direction?


  • elGuapo
    Strange request, but I think you can pull that off by buying some old 'learning Maya' type books. I believe "Game Character Developement with Maya' comes with Maya PLE 6.0 on the included DVD. Since it is so old, you can probably find that book for cheap.
  • Joopson
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    Joopson quad damage
    Wow! Thanks for the idea. I actually have some books sitting around here from that time. I'll check that out.

    EDIT: One of my books had Maya 6 PLE in it, but it kept asking for an activation code, saying I needed to Register with Alias. Well, of course that didn't work. So I poked around in the darkest depths of the internet and found a code that worked, and voila!

    Didn't work. Said this edition of PLE expired, and I needed a newer version.

    Bah! Humbug!
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