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ESCAPE - On The Edge - Burgerstorm

Hi everyone !

We're participating in this challenge in a team of 3 people:

• TEAM: "Burgerstorm"

Mau - Hoshi - Ulrick (myself)

A Belgo-French team :thumbup:
We've all recently left Ankama and we were already working together in their 3D team, on Slage.
Why "Burgerstorm" ? Well guys... u should try to make your brainstorms eating burgers in restaurant... That's great :)

• PROJECT: "On The Edge"

The main idea is someone (something ?) escaping a cave / temple / ruin on a handmade "flying machine" (flying mining cart ?), because the path (railroad ?) is broken... So that's his last chance to escape...
The beauty shots will be "taken" at the precise moment where the machine takes off, and no one will know if it's a sucess... or not :)


Environment: Old Temple with mining railroad, like Indiana Jones in Disneyland, or Alcatraz in The Rock :)

Flying Machine: Warhammer's Dwarves Gyrocopter, Da Vinci's machines or Peter Pan's childs inventions.

I let my co-workers complete what's missing and see u soon for the first WIP... :shifty:


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