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Polycount Birthday Party - Austin, Texas

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r13 founder
As you might know, our birthday is on April 1st, this coming Monday. We'll be a stout 15 years old.

So we're going have a party. A couple of them actually. One in Toronto, cause Adam is there. The other is is Austin, cause Cheeseplus and myself are here.

Now we've decided to meet up in a new location for us at Shangri-La, downtown Austin at 8PM this Saturday. Yeah it's not on the actual date, but with Easter the day before this year and it landing on a Monday, it seemed like a better choice for all that may want to come out.

I'll crack open the vintage polycount storage box and bring out a few prizes for those that show up.

Come share some booze with us. And bring a good camera if you got one. :)

Adam had posted info on his Toronto party here:


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