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Sculpting a LowPoly Model in Blender - not working

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Coyo.Te polycounter lvl 4
Hi fellas,
I recently started looking into 3d Modeling and after some weeks of tutorials and trial and error I managed to improve my skills and did some modeling with blender. It wasnt to hard to get into, coming a long way from modding HalfLife1 back in the days I had some very basic background on the matter, but still some background at least.

I started to get interested in modeling for Dota2, so I picked up on the idea to, at first, create a simple weapon. I read up lod1 and lod0, triangle budgets and what not. Creating the lowpoly model wasnt all that hard, but now the texturing process kinda gives me a headache at times. Most of all does the pretexture highpoly sculpting to make texturing easier and of course the normalmap would look a lot better with some distinct details in it.

Sculpting itself doesnt seem that hard, obviously something you can learn, the thing is, I dont seem to be able to sculpt my lowpoly model. OFC you might say lowpoly sculpting cant work, thats why I subdivided my LowPoly Model couple o times so I get around 200k - 1mil. triangles depending on try. Now I wanna sculpt some details in but all I get is either nothing or weird looking spikes.
If I create a simple cube add the multires modifier, subdiv by 5 I can sculpt at my hearts content, only with my model it doesnt seem to work and it freaks out.

Does anyone have a slight idea what might be causing the problem, as a beginner I might definitely oversee something obvious.
I already took a brief look into zBrush but thats gonna take me a while to get used to, atm I am more familiar with Blender also with baking and uvmapping.

Thx in advance


  • KnechtRuprecht
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    KnechtRuprecht polycounter lvl 6
    I think you have too little geo, and that the subdivided triangles distorts the mesh.
    Try the new Sculpting tool in the latest Blender Build (2.66) It dynamically tesselates the mesh, so you dont need subsurf anymore. And i would play with different brushes, your strength seems too high, too.

  • xXm0RpH3usXx
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    xXm0RpH3usXx polycounter lvl 11
    for sculpting purposes you should also definatly stay in quads.
    this will assure that your mesh is smoothed out evenly.
    it might be that you have tris in there that distort it, hence the brushstroke will not look smooth on your model

    or yeah, tesselate dynamically...
  • Coyo.Te
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    Coyo.Te polycounter lvl 4
    Thx for the advice.
    I tried the new blender 2.66 build with the dynamic topology but it crashes blender more or less if I try to sculpt the above mentioned model with it. New, simple models are no problem, so I think my mesh is messed up somehow.

    I definitely gonna redo the thing with quads now and retry sculüting then. The strength wasnt a problem. I played around with all kinds of strength setting, to the most part nothing would happen at all, at least visible, so in the pictures you only see some of the more intense brush strength tries.

    But nvm, I am watching a good tutorial series for zBrush now and since I am pretty new to the whole thing I might redo the complete model with a complete different workflow now. Learning is learning I guess. But I am getting faster though and idea and concept alreay exist so its just modelling, sculpting and texturing thats left to do. :)

    Thx guys
  • JamesWild
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    JamesWild polycounter lvl 8
    The remove short edges setting appears to be buggy for now, leave it off.

    Throw out the seams/sharp edges, see if that does anything.
  • Coyo.Te
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    Coyo.Te polycounter lvl 4
    Did that already :) cleared all seams and sharps still didnt work. I suspected the normals to be messed up somehow so i checked for flipped, non-manifold and the likes - no result, all seems ok. I read somewhere that mirrored meshes can cause trouble but I am not sure if it affects the sculpting , might be mixing things up, read alot lately ^^

    It might not be worth the trouble since I am propably faster remodeling the whole thing with quads, or mostly with quads and do the sculpting in zbrush. I dont know yet how to get the highpoly model from zbrush to blender and how to put everything in the same lowpoly uv map to get the details into texturing but I guess I gonna get there somewhere around the end of next week - importing/exporting alot I guess.
    Thx mate
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