Treasure Island Sunset Painting (Christmas gift)

Hey everyone!

It's been forever since I've posted on here, let alone browsed, ugh. Life is crazy these days

Anyway, my girlfriend and I have been together since August, and it's been a crazy journey for both of us. We are both recently divorced and trying to find ourselves and find our happy. Our relationship is one full of love and communication and just honest appreciation for each other. We recently took a trip to Treasure Island, Florida and spent a few days there and just enjoyed the beach, sunset, and the beauty of nature itself. I've been trying to come up with the perfect gift idea and think I found it. She LOVES the beach, LOVES sunsets, and has wanted me to make a huge painting for above her bed (it's a long story, but her requesting me to paint her something is what really sparked our relationship. I've never been with someone who honestly not only appreciated my art, but wanted me to make them art).

Any kind of feedback or suggestions would be fantastic! This wasn't based on a photograph, just pictures and what I remember (That boat out in the distance is actually a dolphin tour boat, and it got in the way of a perfect sunset, stupid boat! haha)

I'm planning on having it printed on canvas and cut into a 3 sectional piece, large center piece and two smaller side pieces. Er, or rather printed onto 3 separate canvas'



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    Its a peaceful looking scene.

    The problem is since you made it digital, its lacking a cohesion that a real painting would. In example, you have the foreground outlines painted very exacting, a soft cloud pattern with lots of blending, then the sea with what looks like some sort of ps filter (maybe you did that all by hand, but it doesnt look apparent).

    Also, add some haze at the horizon line.

    If your printing this, I hope you did it at a high dpi in CMYK?
  • [SF]Three9
    Thanks man :)

    I did in fact do it in CYMK...i believe i set the dpi properly but now you have me worried, ill check that tomorrow...i dont expect to have it printed by christmas, so ill get it adjusted asap if its not

    Appreciate the critique and ill see what i can do...there are still some fine details id like to work in like you suggested, but at the same time i want it to appear a bit "unrealistic"...i want it to have my style and quality and want it to appear like a perfect isnt my intention to go super realistic...does that sound like an excuse? If it does its not my intention...i do intend to apply your critique, dont worry :)

    As far as the water and horizon, ive never really done a matte painting of environment painting like this before so im just giving it the best i can...the water i had no clue how to approach, so through the use of brushes and filters (wind and gausion blur) i got this effect...flattened out the top, copy and pasted in a clipping mask and scaled it inversely..then did some eraser and smudge work...for the horizon it is a bit too "crisp" for me...ill see what i can do to make up for this :)

    Really appreciate the feedback...its really awesome doing artwork that ive never done before, isnt for myself, and is so creative like this!
  • [SF]Three9
    I think one thing about the water is it has no depth...the scale of "waves" and all are the same size from horizon to closest...fixing this might help a bit, thanks!
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