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Hello, I wish to know more information about the Hero Engine that is out there and the main features it has along with the support the company gives with it. Is the $99 monthly worth it or not. I'm going to be opening a project on Kickstarter soon and require this information. If you ever used it or know about please let me know and if you know an engine that is better or cost less then this (other then Unity3D) let me know also.



  • Speedah
    perna wrote: »
    You didn't state what you're going to be using it for or why you prefer not to use Unity.

    There is an aircraft game MMO planned to go out in the very near future I am working on with a team. The game will resemble that of Ace Combat. The reason I don't wish to use Unity3D is because I just don't like the power (quality) in the engine and I have money to pay the $99 a year for the servers that is required for the Hero Engine.
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