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Olli. polycounter lvl 8
alright so zbrush noob here. Recently ive been noticing that zbrush is really the way to go for 3d art these days, apps like max are becoming obsolete and im ready to jump on the cool wagon with you zbrush guys. (note, this thread is not about whether or not max is becoming obsolete.. i know someone would argue about that sooner or later so dont.)

So far ive figured out the extreme basics. Previously ive made some random things in zbrush such as a few arm meshes to use for fps games, so i've got the fundamental GUI thing figured out (or atleast the basics)

what i cant figure out is how people make such awesome art in zbrush.. some stuff ive seen here is just jawdropping..

so ITT post some zbrush tutorials that are awesome :D

what im currently most interested in is how to make stuff like this.. i just cant figure out how to make my mesh look like skin (all those pores and wrinkles and scars etc)


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