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Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

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Went to the midnight release with a few friends for this film; I hadn't seen the first one so I was a little apprehensive about Hollywood taking on (again) Doyle's classic character.

Plain and simple... wow.

Seriously, go see it. Jr does a damn impressive take on the world's (real) greatest detective on both ends of the spectrum (cerebral and a man of action). The plot (and by extents the whole movie) was something far beyond anything I'd imagine Doyle would ever put to paper for the sheer scope of it all, and how much information would have had to been presented to the reader, but everything fell well in form of the classic writings.

There were things to nitpick (there always are), but I left the theatre very pleased I'd gone to see that film, and thinking that I need to dig up the first one.


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