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Wow, been a while since I wrote anything around. Just updated my portfolio, because I figured it's been years actually..
So, aside a few more images, now that I know PHP code, I had to re-write pretty much the whole thing. Also update the CSS, because it turned out it was totally lame (though it did work before).

Anyway, the reason to post it here, is because I really need to know if I can go for some kind of a job with it. I'd hate to tell the story of my life, but basically I've been doing 3d for some time, and I mean 3d all over the place, and not specializing in one area is a bad thing, we all know that. Some time ago I got 3d scanning equipment, and it was going pretty good at first. Best part, there were people who just wanted the raw files; that thing was mining money. But that was before.
In fact, the main reason I got it is because we wanted to make parts for cars/ motorcycles with it (like you want to put 848 firing on your 748 bike, cool stuff). But with this whole recession thing, the other guys sold their CNC milling machine, which came to me as a shot in the dark. And I can't blame them, they made a really good deal on it, but I'm like: cool, what do I do now?

Portfolio/ Website: http://www.hpetrov.com

Some images:

3d Scanning:




Um, concepts?


PS: If you get "error 500" (PHP code error), please report.


  • Elith2
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    Elith2 polycounter lvl 7
    Hey man, just had a look at your site. What is it you specifically want to get into? Characters? Environments? Vehicles? Concepts? You seem to be pitching to pretty much everything.

    Also I would change the look of your site in general maybe? just from an aesthetic point of view it isn't really working for me, and everything feels a little all over the place. With some things opening up images and other things linking me through to other pages with more stuff on them. Maybe a more seamless way for you to have that all come together.

    Also try only pick your best pieces of work, you have a lot on there and some of it is seriously lesser than other pieces, almost like you are selling yourself short.

    I hope that helps. If not, sorry for just going to town on your site.
  • Alex3d
    I'd say, focus on characters. You seem to get a good sense for it. Also your love for 3d scanning might come in handy when working on HP models...
    Ditch the environments and cars. They are not bad, but they are not very compelling.
  • Darkmaster
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    Wow... That would be a little harsh to say simply "ditch" the environments. I think that your environment work is very cool. You have a very neat style and all of your art is very different from a lot of what you see on online forums. I mean that in a good way! With the environments, however, I think maybe you need to work on presenting them better, so possibly include some breakdowns, show multiple shots from different viewing angles, and show your process. Personally I'm impressed with a lot of what you're showing, and I'm really curious to know more about 3d scanning.

    The only thing that I would say is that maybe you should narrow in on your skills and decide if you want to go for a character position or an environment position. Im still very new in having just gotten into this industry but from day one I was told to narrow in and specialize in a particular skill set. Sorry this is becoming long winded I just want to make sure you see what I'm getting at. Keep up the good work, and I cant wait to see more!
  • Chrisis
    Thanks guys! I'm really not quite active on the forums, so feedback is most appreciated!

    One thing I was considering was getting into mobile games, because I thought it might be useful to be able to do both characters and environments, depending on what the current app development requires. It then hit me, mobile game companies would rather hire someone with exclusive experience in the mobile area, because their project development term is much shorter and they'd rather have someone who can work effectively right away.

    So, I do need to get a direction about the area where I should develop the portfolio in the future.. I guess it would be relatively easy for me to fill in the website with 3d scanned character work, but then I'm gonna have a hard time explaining how I did it..

    Elith2 > I kinda feel lost on the site myself (lol), but I'm not sure what to do either. One thing I wanted to avoid is using real-sized images right away. I kinda imagined if someone wanted to open an image, they would, whereas big images seemed like bandwidth-stealing to me. Then again, that appears to be the way to go nowadays, so maybe I 'm over planning it.. I'm not even sure if (eventual) HR managers would actually click the images or just skip through?

    Alex3d > I'm ok with ditching a part of it all. You know, so long as I don’t limit like my options or something.. But my friends (and actually a lot of other people) usually told I should the characters (and quit trying with those), so I'm like: all right, checkmate!

    Darkmaster > Thanks man! 3d scanning is fun, and it is getting better and better lately in many aspects. Obviously, it's not some kind of magic; takes work and such, but you can get good results fast. Better even, use it for 3d-ready reference (character related mostly). The image below is something I put some work in recently; it takes a bit of a processing time, but it is still quite a short cut. The one thing I cannot get the grasp of is the one thing I really need to get better at right now: scanning automotive parts. So, aside everything else, I need to learn CAD as well.

    That's about 1500 tris:
  • Alex3d
    I didn't mean to offend anybody with ditching stuff :P The reason I say it is due to rule of thumb - post only your best work / have a clear art direction. Your environments are cool but the way you made them doesn't put them into gaming or film... The cathedral and interior are well detailed and lit, but I saw no indication of how it could be used in film (detail is not quite ready for film). And environments that appear to be of specs usable in games don't look good enough to be in games :P Your characters like O'Gun and Rasputin show potential. Now you just need to make more characters and focus on next gen. Don't go too cheap on polys and find ways to utilize normal maps more effectively (go for heavy detail and patterns, good job on the jacket-thing).
    Good luck!
  • Alberto Rdrgz
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    If you take out the random env stuff, you'd have a pretty good Character artist Portfolio.
  • Elith2
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    Elith2 polycounter lvl 7
    I'm not saying this is perfect or this is exactly what you should have, and I don't use it as a layout (even though I am tempted to), but I think that is maybe closer to the way of going, opposed to what you have currently. Have a look, I think you can still download the template.


    I'm not sure the best way to go if you are looking to get into mobile stuff to be honest, I'm sure someone on here will have an idea though.
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