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Mortal Kombat 4

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rv_el polycounter lvl 14
Played last night with a bunch of people. It was a blast! We had a lot of fun. The level of co-op in the game is really cool and surprised me. The game has great impact and is pretty consistent across. Lots of nostalgia.

I liked a lot of the touches. Faster fighting on a 2d plane in a game that doesn't have little red riding hood in it made me VERY happy. It makes me want (like I always have) another Killer Instinct. Noob is awesome. Sektor is still a bitch. If you have a sick sense of humor you'll have fun just watching poeple play it. Also if you like laughign both at and with games :).

I dont know how much I would actually play it tbh. Outside of a "party" or whatever.

I have one real complaint for the game and thats what I personally call "Explicit Design". Theres no real term for it so I just use explicit design to describe some games or some things that have elements that I really dont want to get into over text or into over the intenret. MK2 was amazing. then they "chipped it" and people didn't like it as much. That was when I was a kid. And to this day there are some games that have explicit design that tend to bother me.

I understand. Get a 15 year old Tourny based player to come in and show you a 70% combo. Great. But i'm 31.. i'm drunk. and I dont give a shit.

This is why I have hope for a KI. KI always took care of this very well - for anybody who was hardcore player out there, they know what I mean.

To sum it up. I was Kabal and I did a little number on an opponent and then when they hit the ground I threw a ground blade.. we were all like OH OH OH OH!!!!!!!! I could feel my blood pressure goign up a bit and got all excited!!! AND AND AND OH YES.. ANDD!!!!!!!!!!!

the blade went right through her and off the screen



look at combo list

ok, gotcha


execute combo

execute combo again

execute combo... again

set down controller and grab a beer.


  • Joshua Stubbles
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    Joshua Stubbles polycounter lvl 17
    You mean the new one? That's actually Mortal Kombat 9, not 4. Also, there's already a thread about it on Page2.

    It is a fun game though.
  • arshlevon
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    arshlevon polycounter lvl 14
    those other 5 dont count.. this is the first real sequel after 3
  • Maph
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    Maph polycounter lvl 8
    Mortal kombat 4 was dreadfull! Shinnok's a total cunt, dying to try out Mk9 though. Getting a PS3 might be in order now (I know, for shame!).
  • killnpc
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    killnpc greentooth
    Played with 3 people, 2v2 last night, and it was awesome. Good times.
  • rv_el
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    rv_el polycounter lvl 14
    LOL!!! typo... woops I mean 9. I didn't actually know the title of the game. I never quite digested the title this entire time. i mean 9. Thats insane. lol. Yeah I mean 9, the new one.

    KP. Yeah 2v2 and 2vCPU was good stuff.

    oh btw.. 360 D pad. What is it. What the hell. That thing is only good for switching weapons in games like Gears and Vanquish or what have you.

    somebody at M$ was like "market research shows nobody likes the NES, SNES, and PS D pads... what people like is third party D pads like Gravis stuff or like MadCats pads, namely the old SNES one.... I'm backwards merketer man. I have my head up my ass."
  • rv_el
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    rv_el polycounter lvl 14
    arshlevon wrote: »
    those other 5 dont count.. this is the first real sequel after 3

    You know thats probably what my braind did!!:) 3 was the last one I played seriously. A friend of mine had one on the Xbox that I played a couple of times when I went over. But really 3 In the arcade was the last one I truly know.
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